The Girl And The Sea – The Presets 


Everything is New – Slow Club

I love this song! It was featured on last week’s episode of MTV’s Faking It and it gave me chills when I heard it. It reminds me of a song that would’ve been on The OC, which you should know means it’s amazing.  If you don’t I’ll let it slide…this time ;). It also kind of reminds me of “Wake Up” by Arcade Fire…mostly in the chorus. What do you think?

Always – Panama

I heard this song a few weeks ago and really loved it. Today I saw it posted on CHOP SHOP RECORDS blog. If you have no idea what that means, it’s cool, I’ll tell you!

Chop Shop Records is a record label created by the best music supervisor in the biz Ms. Alexandra Patsavas aka my hero and also the person who changed my life/music taste forever through a little show called The O.C. (you may have heard of it). So high five to Panama for getting some Chop Shop luvvv.

Let’s listen to a good song now while Seth Cohen does a little jig, shall we?