SXSW – Where is IMHB?!

Hey Everyone! To all of you amazingly talented artists and artist management teams, publicists, etc that have messaged me about scheduling interviews at SXSW…unfortunately I am not attending this year. I love receiving your messages and all the music submissions you’ve been sending. I am already making plans to attend next year so keep Indie Music Heartbeat in mind and let me know if you’d like to set something up when we get closer to the next showcase. It would be so great to meet you!

To all of you who ARE attending SXSW right now..I am very jealous and I would LOVE to hear all about your time there. If you want to share your experiences or maybe tell me about some great bands you’ve seen that maybe I haven’t heard of, email me at!

As always, happy listening

Put This On Your Radar…You’re Welcome ♫


Hey guys! I wanted to tell you about a band I’ve been listening to a lot lately. They’re called Pacific Air. I am pretty sure I came across their song “float” in one of my many favorite mixes on and loved the song so much I decided to check out their other songs. This also happened to be a month before Lollapalooza where the band would be playing! Pacific Air is made up of two brothers from California Ryan and Taylor Lawhon. The crazy thing is these guys are AMAZING and they’ve only been an active band less than a year! What’s really impressive is in that almost year they’ve already opened for Passion Pit, Walk the Moon, Two Door Cinema Club, Atlas Genius, Youngblood Hawke, and Ra Ra Riot AND been invited to Lollapalooza, The Governors Ball Music Festival, and SXSW!

I was lucky enough to see Pacific Air last month at Lollapalooza. I decided I wanted to see them just based off of the one song of theirs I had heard and I was completely blown away by how great of a show they put on! (pictures below)


Unfortunately They only have two more shows this year on the books and neither one of them is anywhere near FL *tear*. I am hoping that they will schedule some last minute shows later on in the year *fingers crossed*. Seriously though people, check out this band, I promise it’ll be worth your while. Listen to their album “Stop Talking” below. My favorite tracks (in case you wanted to know) are “Float” “Move” and “Duet in B Minor”.

Indie Movie of the Week: Apart

Plot: When a pair of star-crossed lovers are forced apart by fate it’s up to them to right the future. As they fall deeper in love, they experience visions of a deadly future – those around them are doomed to die. Within days their premonitions become reality as their friends start dying around them. As the visions intensify, it becomes clear that the next people to die will be them. The couple has to choose between remaining together and hurting those around them, or staying apart forever.