Louis The Child’s “Love Is Alive” EP Is Out NOW!

Chicago-based electronic duo Louis The Child recently dropped their latest EP “Love Is Alive”. The EP is five tracks long and three of the five had either been teased or released earlier on. One song that had not been released until now “World On Fire” is by far my favorite track from the EP with “Fire” coming in a very close second. Listen to all five tracks below and let me know what you think! Happy Listening music fam 🙂

Dear Jaden Smith, Consider Me Impressed…


Have you guys heard the new music Jaden Smith has put out recently?! Jaden and his sister Willow released a song called “Melancholy” which is him rapping with Willow’s vocals in the background it also has Pink Floyd’s “Breathe” in the backround (love this one). He also put out a track on Souncloud called “Jetskis” produced by AzZi. I love them both and can’t wait for him to put out more! Check out the tracks below and let me know what you think!

Giants – Bear Hands

Thank you to one of my favorite SiriusXM stations: Alt Nation for introducing me to this song yesterday! The only downside to this awesome new music is…it’s not available to buy until Oct. 22! I can’t wait that long! :/. Luckily I found it on their Soundcloud so I am still able to share it with you guys! This is such a great song..it kind of has the flow of reggae mixed in with a Twenty One Pilots kind of sound. Let me know what you think!


OH MY GOSH! It’s finally here! If you haven’t checked out the album yet go do that RIGHT NOW! It’s below (Soft Kitten is my fave)! AHHHH I am beyond excited, and it is safe to say that Metric has topped all of their previous albums with this one. I can’t wait to see them at Lolla and then in Tampa! Yayyyyyyy! Oohhh and don’t forget to watch their music video for the album’s first single “Youth Without Youth” that was premiered today! Click here to watch.

Pen and Self – The Uglysuit

This song is so incredibly beautiful! What a good find! I have literally been racking my brain for an hour trying to figure out what other song the opening of this one reminded me of…and FINALLY I have an answer! It reminds me of Good Morning Fire Eater by Copeland mixed with Birds by Deas Vail (in the YouTube video start at 0:51 and see if you hear the similarities too!). Of course it’s a song all it’s own but it definitely has a familiar sound. Ahhh I feel SO much better now. It really drives me nuts when a song is on the tip of my tongue and I just can’t remember the name or artist!! Okay I’ll shut up now, please listen to the song below (I recommend to turn it up super loud and close your eyes, it’s just so beautiful! Enjoy!