IMHB’s Best of 2013/Favorites/Happy New Years (EVE)

You guys! It’s almost 2014! I really feel 2013 was a great year for indie music. A lot of great bands put out new music (Phoenix!, Lorde,Pacific Air). I grew into liking some bands that I didn’t necessarily like before this year (The National, Cults, Young The Giant, Arcade Fire..still no hope for Mumford & Sons YUCK!). There was also a lot of really amazing bands/artists that made it to the spotlight (Lorde, Haim, Chvrches, The Royal Concepts, New Politics). Of course I made a playlist for my 2013 favorites (what kind of music blogger would I be if I didn’t?!). A handful of the tracks on the playlist really stuck out for me this, basically meaning that I may or may night have been so excited at first listen that I teared up and put the song on repeat for that entire week. I also had a bunch of favorites as in favorite song I heard on TV, favorite live show I saw, favorite album, etc. so here those are:

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Lullaby – Sia

Fact: anytime this song is played on a TV series someone has either just died, is going to die, or found out some HORRIBLE news. Ex: when The Big C (below) used this song is the scene where Cathy (who has cancer) leaves a key to a storage room in her purse that her son steals and takes to the storage room. When he opens it it’s filled with gifts for birthdays, and Christmas, all the things she won’t be around for. She even left him a car for his 16th birthday. This is when Adam realizes how serious his mom’s condition is and he just sits on the floor and cries…it is the single most sad thing I have ever seen..EVER. When I watched it I cried so hard it gave me a migraine..then I showed it to my mom and she cried too…very very sad scene. Another example, last weeks 90210 Ivy was at the hospital with Raj (who is on his deathbed from cancer) and when she left his room to get him a glass of water this song came on and I KNEW something horrible was going to happen :/ (still not as sad as The Big C though. ANYWAYS point is, if you ever need a REALLY good cry, have a listen to this song…tear!