Indie Music Heartbeat’s 50 Favorite Album Covers!

We have always been told to not judge a book by it’s cover and sometimes this pertains to books, other times it might pertain to people, movies or album covers. This saying always makes me laugh because…really..who DOESN’T judge a book/person/album by it’s cover? Of course we care about what’s underneath but you have to admit that the more aesthetically pleasing something is the more interested we become in learning what’s underneath it’s cover. Blah blah blah, I know I’m rambling but moral of the story is, I myself almost always judge by the cover (only when looking for books or albums, not people). Album cover art is just so much fun to look at! I find that Indie bands especially have the most eccentric, sexy, colorful, and off-the-wall album covers I have ever seen! So for funsies I put together a gallery of 50 of my favorite album covers (mostly within the Indie genre). I hope you have fun looking at them, and keep in mind these are my favorite album COVERS, not my favorite ALBUMS (although a lot of them are great). I am merely judging by the cover. Enjoy the eye candy, and I would LOVE if you could share with me some of your favorites too =)!

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Happy Catching Fire Day!!!

Today is an awesome day people! The Hunger Games Catching Fire is officially in theaters! I don’t know about you but I am SO excited to see how the second book in the series is translated to the big screen! Everyone who is going to the movies tonight to see HGCF raise your hand…

That’s what I thought.

Jennifer Lawrence approves!

Ok I’m done now…see you at the theaters!!!