Your State’s Favorite Band

Yesterday a bunch of music sites I follow posted this very interesting map of the United States and the bands they love, based on the real listening behavior of actual music fans from each state recorded by Echo Nest through 432 apps and services.

artist-mapSo according to the stats, I do not belong in MI (where I’m from) or Florida (where I live now) because both states apparently love shitty music (Rick Ross and Young Jeezy).

And coincidentally my very favorite state (that I can’t wait to live in) Illinois has some seriously good taste, along with Missouri, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Minnesota who would of thought??

What is YOUR states favorite band?

source: The Echo Nest Blog

Wolverine – Sufjan Stevens

I cannot express how sad it makes me that this man is married with babies…oh if only! He is the epitome of sexy to me. His voice sounds like baby angels..sooooo beautiful! Not to mention the fact he can (and does) play almost every musical instrument ever invented! Oh and don’t even get me started on his lyrics, and not to mention he is extremely attractive..and from Michigan like moi! Ok well let me put to the side my Sufjan Stevens obsession and share this beautiful song with you. It is from his “Michigan” album (it was a bonus track). It is also featured in the movie Restless which JUST came out on DVD…like yesterday (rent it, it’s realllly good!). Enjoy!

Love For: Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens is and will always be one of my top favorite artists for many reasons…for one he was born in Michigan (Twinsies :p). His name is persian for “comes with a sword” and that’s pretty badass. Also he can play all sorts of instruments! My favorite that he plays is the banjo (swoon). He also plays the guitar, piano, drums, flute, the oboe and English horn! I actually listen to his lyrics which most of the time I am a rhythm kind of person. But the main reason I love love love him is for his beautiful voice. Sufjan has made 10 albums: “A Sun Came“, “Enjoy Your Rabbit“, “Michigan”, “Seven Swans”, “Illinois“, “The Avalanche”, “Songs for Christmas“, “The BQE“, “Delighted People EP”, and “The Age of Adz”. My favorite album would have to be “Illinois” and “Michigan” is my favorite (pretty funny considering I am from Michigan and am planning to move to Chicago). Continue reading