Hands on the Wheel – Schoolboy Q ft. A$AP Rocky

Lissie’s cover of Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness” has always been one of my favorites and I love the way Schoolboy Q and A$AP Rocky sampled it in this song!  

sidenote: I know this isn’t indie but hey, people’s taste in music evolves and I am no different. Enjoy 🙂

Lollapalooza 2011 Sunday Timelapse

This is beyond cool! If any of you were at Lollapalooza back in August, you most definitely remember it getting ferociously rained on Sunday. Lollapalooza’s YouTube channel just posted this timelapse of how crazy the weather was. I remember being in line to get Lissie’s autograph and next to me was a HUGE line of people with deadmau5 mouse heads on waiting to get Deadmau5’s  (Joel Thomas Zimmerman’s) autograph too. Basically all of Grant Park turned into a gigantic mud pit..kind of messy, kind of awesome, definitely memorable :D!



Nothing But Our Love – Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr

Every time I hear this song I remember wandering around Grant Park (Lollapalooza) and I came to the Google + stage early to see Lissie play. I had nooo idea who the band playing was but they were just finishing up their set and they ended with this song. Funny thing is, the night before I saw them I was hanging out with som friends listening to vinyl and they had mentioned Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr to me and my first thought was “no way I’ll like a band with that kind of name” (thinking it was country or something along those lines). Now I love the band and bought their album “It’s a Corporate World” (buy). Check them out here. And here is a picture I took of them playing in the wooded area!

Little Lovin’

I can’t get enough of this girl Lissie! She sounds similar to Janis Joplin (or so THEY say) I was never a big Joplin fan but I think Lissie has a voice like no other! She has the ability to make you feel like you’re running around on a hot summer day with not a care in the world, how awesome is that?!? And exactly 5 days from now I will be front and center at Lollapalooza‘s Google+ Stage listening to her belt out some favorite songs of mine in that undeniable  raspy voice of hers! Bah! Can’t wait! Let’s hope I can get an autograph!!!