Death Cab for Cutie: Kintsugi Album Out Now

death-cab-for-cutie-kintsugiNow here is a moment I can say I have been waiting for since the very day I heard word that one of my favorite bands, Death Cab For Cutie, would be working on their next studio album which would be the last with founding member Christopher Walla who parted ways with the band following the completion of the album. Frontman Benjamin Gibbard said that because of Walla’s departure as a band member AND producer, the making of the album, titled Kintsugi, was a new but exciting experience. The band ultimately decided to hire Rich Costey to produce the Kintsugi. Costey has worked with bands such as Muse, Foster the People, Phantogram, and many more.

Death Cab started working on the record back in the summer of 2013 with Chris Walla originally producing it until he made the decision that he wasn’t the right guy for the job. Chris did end up playing on the record and the band are all in agreeance that his decision to leave was the right thing to do. Gibbard has said in many interviews that he and the band knew for some time that Walla was planning to leave and that even though it was sad to say goodbye to Chris they were all excited for this new chapter.

Bass player Nick Harmer chose the name for their latest album. Kintsugi (the albums’ title) is a japanese technique of repairing broken ceramics using gold in the resin that reforms the object. The idea being that with the gold, you highlight the breakages in it , and make something new and beautiful out of something that’s broken.  It’s the perfect name for this album that celebrates the end of the bands’ chapter with Walla and the piecing together of the other three members and the new music they will create together.

In the past couple of days I have read some reviews but multiple music websites I follow and it seems like no one is really that impressed with this album. This is just crazy to me. Death Cab is Death Cab and if they put out any new music I am going to love it! You can stream the Kintsugi on Spotify now. I’ll be streaming and dancing and singing and waiting for my Vinyl copy to come in the mail (buy your copy here)! Enjoy you guys, I know I am!


New Music Monday: Little Wanderer – Death Cab for Cutie

Today Death Cab released their fourth single from their upcoming album Kintsugi [pre-order here] , due out March 31st on Atlantic Records. The track is called “Little Wanderer” and it’s a sweet yet sad account of being in love with someone who is far away. Benjamin Gibbard is such a great story teller. When I closed my eyes and listened to this song I could see the story play out on the inside of my eyelids. Poor Ben having trouble with network connections and opposite sleeping schedules trying to stay in touch with his “little wanderer” who is away on a grand adventure while he stays home, being quietly supportive, and waits for her “but someone’s gotta be the lighthouse and that someone’s gotta be me”.  So many movies come to mind: Going the Distance, Like Crazy, and Boys & Girls. And in most of these movies there’s almost always resentment which isn’t so present in this song when he sings “you’re my little wanderer, won’t you wander back to me” and “standing tall on your horizon, guiding you home to me” who knew Death Cab could be so romantic?

With the closing line “when our eyes meet passed security, we embrace in the baggage claim, when we kiss in the baggage claim” I cant help but think of the iconic end scene of Garden State…


“Little Wanderer” is my second favorite thus far from the new album which I never thought I’d say after hearing “No Room in Frame” wand “Black Sun which are both incredible too. Now that I’ve rambled it’s time for YOU to listen to the track and see how you feel about it. Check it out below and I hope all my fellow music lovers out there have a great Monday!

New Music Monday: No Room in Frame – Death Cab for Cutie

I think by now you all know how I feel about Death Cab and their upcoming album Kintsugi (which drops in just 35 days!). You’ve also hopefully by now heard their first single Black Sun from the album…which let’s just say was INCREDIBLE. Well music loving friends, Death Cab decided to give us a present today! Exciting I know. This present comes in the form of their next single from Kintsugi titled “No Room in Frame” which shocker (not really) is UHmazing! Check it out below and let me know what you think!

Death Cab For Cutie Announce Their New Album Kintsugi


What a way to start of 2015! One of my absolute favorite groups Death Cab For Cutie have announced their upcoming album Kintsugi! After learning that founding member Chris Walla had made the decision to leave the band after 17 years, it kind of left all of us fans unsure of the future of DCFC. Luckily Walla decided to hang around for one more album. Today they announced to Rolling Stone the name and tracklist of the album. Bassist Nick Harmer explained the name by saying:

Kintsugi is a Japanese style of art where they take fractured, broken ceramics and put them back together with very obvious, real gold. It’s making the repair of an object a visual part of its history. That resonated with us as a philosophy, and it connected to a lot of what we were going through, both professionally and personally. In the West, if you break an heirloom, you either throw it away or you make the repair as invisible as possible, but there’s this artistic movement in Japan where the repair of it, the damage of it, is more important as part of the history of something than repairing it to its original state.” (source:

Basically saying that instead of making their next album a clean slate after Chris Walla’s departure, they are making that a part of this new musical chapter. After 17 years I imagine it’d be hard to do it any other way. That’s one thing that is really genuine and inspiring about this band in particular. Gibbard went on to say: Continue reading