No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross – Sufjan Stevens

As you may have heard, Sufjan Stevens has a new album titled “Carrie & Lowell” coming out March 31st (you can pre-order it here). Along with that he’s planned a tour. Check out the first single from the album “No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross”. Is it just me or do you hear bits of Iron & Wine’s version of “Such Great Heights“?

YouTube Covers Week: Haley Barnes

Haley Barnes has a kind of voice that you don’t hear very often. It has kind of a vintage-y sound, which I love love love! She is also known as dollie90 on YouTube. She has a lot of uploaded videos, most of which are covers but she also has done quite a few originals as well! Check out my favorite covers she’s done and be sure to head to her YouTube channel to check out the rest!

Happy Listening :)!

this is NOT a cover but it’s really good so I am posting it anyways!

Haley’s YouTube Channel

YouTube Covers Week: Justin Whatley

I don’t know much about this YouTube musician…I DO know that he is super cute, he has GREAT taste in music (judging by the songs he covers) and his voice is you can really appreciate a YouTube-er that constanty has new videos to watch! Oh and…*swooooon* :p. Anyhousier check out my favorite covers, and be sure to head to his channel to check out the rest!

Happy listening :)!

Justin’s YouTube Channel