IMHB’s Hypothetical Line Up: Bonnaroo 2014

BROO final

Every year when music festival season comes around I start to feel the “too many festivals, not enough resources” blues. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. Even though I know I can’t go to all these festivals, there is a part of me (the part that’s seriously in denial) that prefers to play pretend in the form of making my personalized “bands to see” list. If you’ve been to a festival, you’ve made this list, and if you haven’t…well you’re just not very organized. I know that when I go to Lollapalooza every year my favorite thing to do while I wait for the festival to get here is to pick and choose which bands I want to see since there a few hundred to choose from and almost all of them are great!

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Indie Music Heartbeat’s 2012 Christmas Mix!


Hey guys! So last year I did a “25 Days of Christmas” post-a-day thing and this year I had a really hard time finding indie Christmas music that I didn’t post last year…so I decided to forgo that idea this year. Instead I made a mix of the songs I posted last year (in case you weren’t following IMHB then, you can have a listen!) mixed in with some new ones I found! I hope you like it! Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday Baby Jesus and thanks for being awesome!! Happy Listening!!

PS: I made this mix on YouTube so it will automatically skip to the next track when you start listening!


Indie Music Heartbeat’s Bucket List!

So like any normal human being, I have had many thoughts and ideas here and there about all the things I want to do in my life…aka THE BUCKET LIST. I thought it would be fun to put one kind of hold myself to these things..not that I am in a hurry to do them BUT I don’t want to forget about it either! Maybe YOU could share some of your bucket list ideas?! That would be awesome! Without further adieu ladies and gents…..Indie Music Heartbeat’s Bucket List! (click below to check it out!)

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