Indie Music Heartbeat’s 25 Days of Christmas 2016


It’s that time of year again guys! Christmas is weeks away which means most of you are experiencing freezing cold weather, warm cozy blankets, unicorn onesies (Santa, I want one!) and perhaps a hot beverage? I live in Florida so I am wishing that I was right there freezing with you..while wearing shorts and choking on humidity (ok it’s not THAT bad).

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Indie Music Heartbeat’s 25 Days of Christmas is BACK!


First of all I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving full of delicious food and great music! Back in 2011 I thought it would be a fun idea to do a sort of Christmas countdown with my favorite (mostly indie) Christmas songs. Seeing as how I am especially excited for Christmas this year I am bringing “25 Days of Christmas” BACK! For the next 25 days I will be a hunter of indie Christmas music, that’s not to say there will be some repeats because man, some of the songs from my last list are WAY too good to not bring back. So grab your ugliest sweater, some hot cocoa, a Santa hat, and anything else Christmas-y you can find and prepare for some tunes to get you in the Christmas mood! =D

Indie Music Heartbeat’s 2012 Christmas Mix!


Hey guys! So last year I did a “25 Days of Christmas” post-a-day thing and this year I had a really hard time finding indie Christmas music that I didn’t post last year…so I decided to forgo that idea this year. Instead I made a mix of the songs I posted last year (in case you weren’t following IMHB then, you can have a listen!) mixed in with some new ones I found! I hope you like it! Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday Baby Jesus and thanks for being awesome!! Happy Listening!!

PS: I made this mix on YouTube so it will automatically skip to the next track when you start listening!