Foster The People Share Three New Songs From Upcoming Album

“One of my favorite things about music is that it’s unifying. We wrote these songs to reflect joy in a time where people have needed it more than ever and we thought it was a good time to share them with you” said Mark foster, frontman for the band Foster The People. I couldn’t agree more Mark! Yesterday the band shared not one but THREE new songs called “Doing It For The Money”, “S.H.C.”, and “Pay The Man” from their anticipated third record due out this summer. This album is following 2014’s Supermodel, which was incredible. Also on the books is a North American Tour which begins May 26th in San Diego. Click here to see a complete list of their tour dates. Listen to the new songs below and try to catch them on tour! Happy listening music fam! ✌🏻💜🎵


IMHB’s Best of 2014/Favorites/Happy New Years (EVE)

It’s that time of year again you guys! The end that is. I put together a “best of” playlist and let me tell you, it was way harder this year to narrow it down to under 200 hundred songs but after 5 long hours going over all my favorites from the year I did my best and got it down to 100! Also i feel like this year was a good year for albums, meaning there were a lot of albums I could listen to from beginning to end without getting sick of them so I decided to make a list of those as well. Check it all out below…

Indie Music Heartbeat’s 12 Favorite Albums of the Year…

albums 2014

“Supermodel” Foster The People

This was my #1 favorite album of the year. I didn’t know what to expect when it was announced since the tracks from their previous album “Torches” all sounded very similar. This album blew my mind. Every track is better than the last. They also toured this year and I was lucky enough to see them twice and they did not disappoint! Favorite Track: “The Truth”

“This is All Yours” Alt-J

 Favorite Track “Hunger of the Pine”

“El Pintor” Interpol

This album was big for me this year. I say that because I was never a big fan of Interpol before this album was released. The first time I heard “All the Rage Back Home” I was hooked and when the rest of the album came out I wasn’t disappointed.  Favorite Track: “Twice as Hard”

“Built on Glass” Chet Faker

 Favorite Track: “Gold”

“Atlas” Real Estate

Favorite Track: “Talking Backwards”

“The Double Ep: A Sea of Split Peas” Courtney Barnett

Ohhh Courtney. She really got me with this EP. The second I heard the song “Avant Gardener” I had to hear more. I love Courtney Barnett because she sounds like such an old soul with an “I don’t give a shit” attitude. She even performed acoustically on a few talk shows this year and she was mesmerizing! Favorite Track: “Avant Gardener”

“Morning Phase” Beck

 Favorite Track: “Morning”

“Goddess” Banks

Have you ever met a soul who didn’t like Banks music? Because I sure haven’t. This girl has been handing out amazing singles left and right and all of them were incredible and then BAM she dropped Goddess and it was like Christmas came early! The whole album has such a sexy sound and I can listen to it all without wanting to skip any songs. Favorite Track: “Beggin for Thread”

“Habits of My Heart EP” James Young

Favorite Track: “Habits of My Heart”

“FKA Twigs” FKA Twigs

Favorite Track: “Two Weeks”

“Dream Your Life Away” Vance Joy

Favorite Track: “Mess is Mine” (had this one on repeat for quite some time.

“Seeds” TV On The Radio

Favorite Track: “Happy Idiot”

and without further adieu here is the Best of 2014 Playlist…

imhb best of 2014 playlist


MyMusicRx + #Bedstock2014 = ALL THE FEELS

Today Foster the People posted a picture on their Instagram account of Mark Foster singing in bed. If that’s not already great enough, then I find out that it’s for a website called MyMusicRX. is a “music medicine” site created by the Children’s Cancer Association for kids and teens facing cancer and other serious illnesses. The site gives kids all the resources (concerts, music lessons, digital instruments, and games) they need to feel the music and feel better. I have always believed that music can be a type of medicine for people with illnesses whether it’s their emotions or health bringing them down music has a way of bringing them back up again. That healing power of music is exactly what MyMusicRx is all about. Below you can watch a touching video from the site made to give you an in-depth look into the program. In the video Chris Funk of The Decemberists and a CCA Board Member says  “one of the greatest thing about music is that it suspends reality and can remove people and therefore bring joy” which I 110% agree with. I could almost go off for hours about how amazing music is and how lucky we are that it exists, but I will do my best to contain myself ;p.

Cool right? Ok so back to Foster the People…MyMusicRx put together it’s own music festival called Bedstock.

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