Holy High Rotation! -November 2012

I kinda sorta skipped October..whoopsy! Sorry guys! I did that mainly because I have been listening more to mix cds and playlists on 8tracks. But I am back with some high rotation albums I am currently listening to!

Benjamin Gibbard – Former Lives

Reptar – Body Faucet

Boy & Bear – Moonfire

I Blame Coco – The Constant

Album: Former Lives – Benjamin Gibbard

Well people, it looks like Christmas has come a couple of months early. Sir Benjamin Gibbard, my favorite songwriter (ever) recently released his first solo album, eight years in the making which included “three relationships, living in two different places, drinking, then not drinking …,”! Gibbs (I like to pretend if he was my bud I would call him this. lol) explained that the songs on this album (Former Lives) are all songs that he wrote for his band Death Cab for Cutie that didn’t quite fit into the context of any of their albums “I’d say the songs on this record are sort of like ‘deleted scenes’ from all the other albums we [Death Cab for Cutie] have done. These are orphan songs”. Ummm how lucky for us that we get both DCFC albums AND Benjamin Gibbard albums!

click here to listen to the album, and buy it (duh) because it’s awesome!

Happy Listening!