Phantogram Has a Present for Us!

In case you didn’t know, today Phantogram decided to give us the first listen of their upcoming album “Voices” on NPR (click HERE to listen). This is great news people! The band has already shared SEVEN songs from the album with us which btdubs you can get on iTunes or stream  on Spotify. You can pre-order “Voices” on iTunes which will be out February 18th (next Tuesday) by clicking the pic below. If you pre-order you get instant downloads of “Bill Murray” as well as “Fall In Love” and “Nothing But Trouble”. Phantogram will be performing on Jimmy Kimmel the same day the new album comes out (Feb 18th) so set up your DVRs or stay up super late to watch if you’re cool like that.


One last thing…this past Monday aka 2 days ago the official music video came out for “Falling in Love” so you should probs check that out…