Phantogram and Big Boi Join Forces to Create New Group Big Grams

Big-Boi-Phantogram-Big-GramsIt feels like it’s been AGES since‎ Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter (aka Phantogram) started teasing that they were working on something with Outkast rapper Big Boi on Instagram in the way of very promising photos with not much to the captions other than “in the works” and “coming soon” (not soon enough Sarah and Josh, not soon enough). Pure torture is what those pictures were. Not only do I love every piece of music Phantogram has delivered to my eardrums, but then there’s Outkast. Oh Outkast, a very important piece of the puzzle that is the soundtrack to my feel me? (Of course you do).

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Photography: Taylor Marie McCormick


  Taylor McCormick is a 19 year old Conceptual Photographer from Georgia. I really admire photographers that have the ability to take a picture of something and then make it look as if it came from a dream! Beautiful beautiful pictures! Click below to see more.

Check her out on Flickr and Facebook!

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Photography: Elizabeth Gadd


Let me just start this off by saying it is just not fair that all of these photographers live in these super lush, forest-y wonderlands! Clearly I need to relocate! Elizabeth Gadd’s photos are taken in the most beautiful places! She was born and is based near Vancouver, Canada. She has several different photo projects, my favorite being “Breath” which is where most of these photos (after the jump) are from.

Check out her…




Click below to see more pictures!

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Hey Guys! So as you’ve heard, CISPA is the new SOPA. CISPA or Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act CISPA would permit any private company/website (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google) to give away any and all personal information it’s collected on you when asked by a government agency. This data would then head to the Department of Homeland Security. They won’t even let YOU now that your personal information has been shared with others (sounds pretty violating to me!)! Luckily President Obama made a statement saying that he will veto the bill if it gets to him! But it is still up to US to make sure it doesn’t get that far! Please help out and go to the links below!!




Also click HERE for more information and to find your reps!!

Did You Know 2011- Welcome To The Social Media Revolution

Sooo for those of you who don’t know, I work for ClearChannel Radio and LOVE it! Today our GM pulled us into a room and presented this really really cool and interesting video full of random facts about Social Media and how it has basically taken over. Call me a nerd but the video gave me goosebumps! I think it is really cool how we are a whole new generation and Social Media is our main platform for doing pretty much everything! Please check out! 🙂