Phantogram: Nightlife (New Release)

Today Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter of Phantogram have released their third EP called “Nightlife”. I for one am very excited about the release. I just started getting into this band earlier in the Summer and ALMOST saw them at Lollapalooza…sadly my group and I waited for a couple hours to go into the city. have got to listen to this EP it’s great from beginning to end! My fave track is “Don’t Move” which I already used for my song of the day last week BUT listen to that song specifically, the beat is amazing!!

Oh and here is the EP’s Track List…. 🙂 Happy Listening!

             Track List

  1. 16 Years- 3:56
  2. Don’t Move- 4:18
  3. Turning Into Stone- 4:54
  4. Make a Fist- 4:36
  5. Nightlife- 4:06
  6. Dark Tunnel- 5:29

Song of the Day: Radley – The French Cassettes

I was contacted by Hart Perez a few days ago who told me that my readers and I might enjoy this band! So I listened to the song he sent me and thought it was perfect for my blog!! This video was directed by Hart Perez and Devon Perez (website). Enjoy the video the Perez Brothers call “The Blair Witch Project meets The Little Mermaid.” 🙂

From the EP:

Summer Darling

You can buy their EP on Itunes as of June 7th! Go get it!!

check out more songs off Summer Darling on the band’s website here!

Happy Listening!