IMHB’s Favorit 8Track Playlists!


So for a few months I have been getting most of my music from a lovely little website called If you haven’t used it before you should definitely give it a try! I prefer it over Spotify, Pandora, and all the other music streaming sites. I like it more because instead of picking a song you already know and then getting similar songs, with 8Tracks you put in ‘tags’ like “Study” and “Indie” then you get 100’s of relaxing chill music to study or read to. Then you can put in “Indie”, “Dance”, and “Party” and get some really fun and upbeat Indie mixes! Obviously the site has more than just Indie music..but who are we kidding? Indie is all that matters! ;p.¬† So basically with 8Tracks you are describing how you feel or what you are doing and you get tons of playlists that apply to you, almost like a soundtrack to your life! Cool huh? Also aside from encouraging you guys to check out/use (which btw also has an app for your phone!) I also want to share with you some of my favorite mixes on the site! Check them out! Continue reading