Get to Know: METRIC

Today I’ve got Metric on my mind and I just want to talk talk talk about them. Metric is my favorite band, which is actually a very strange thing since I constantly bounce from band to band, genre to genre, but Metric is just it for me. Metric is made up of 4 members. Emily Haines the lead singer (also: my role model), guitarist James Shaw (also has a great singing voice) , bassist Josh Winstead, and the drummer Joules Scott-Key.
They came from Toronto, Canada in 1998 and have been kicking ass musically ever since. The band has release four main albums: Old World Underground, Where are you Now (2003), Live it Out (2005), Grow Up and Blow Away (2007), and Fantasies (2009). I had never even heard of the band until one day last year I was at Target looking on my favorite self in the music section “ARTISTS ON THE VERGE” from which I had bought Omni by Minus the Bear, and The XX’s self-titled album.