Indie Movie of the Week: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Plot: Joel and Clementine are at the pained end of their relationship. After a fight, Joel finds out that Clementine has had all her memory of their relationship erased. He reacts by pursuing the same operation. As his memory of their relationship is erased from the present moment backwards, he reaches some sweet memories of happiness he would rather hold onto. Joel turns around and actively seeks to stop the process to save his memory. He takes the Clementine in his memory and they hide in his memories of early childhood to avoid being detected and erased. As they avoid detection together Joel rediscovers the joy of Clementine’s companionship and the root of their love. Their escape fails and the operation is completed successfully. Joel wakes up with an unknown urge to go to where he had first met Clementine. There, he runs into a similarly searching Clementine and they unknowingly fall in love a second time. Upon returning home they discover audiotapes from their operations, revealing their own taped bitter feelings about each other at the end of their last relationship. Together they choose to try again with greater acceptance of each other knowing full well the pain and compromise that will come with their love.