Indie Music Heartbeat’s 25 Days of Christmas 2016


It’s that time of year again guys! Christmas is weeks away which means most of you are experiencing freezing cold weather, warm cozy blankets, unicorn onesies (Santa, I want one!) and perhaps a hot beverage? I live in Florida so I am wishing that I was right there freezing with you..while wearing shorts and choking on humidity (ok it’s not THAT bad).

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Oh My Goodness, I almost forgot!!!!

Yesterday Justin Bieber released his very first Christmas Album “Under the Mistletoe” (please excuse me while I scream with joy “EEEEEKKKKK!”). Yes I know this is an Indie Music blog but hey, I’ve got the fever..BIG TIME (it should be renamed the Bieber Epidemic if you ask me!). I don’t have the album yet but I have watched all the webisodes and sneak peaks I could find on YouTube.  The album’s going to feature a whole bunch of  such as: Usher, Boyz 2 Men,  Mariah Carey,  Busta Rhymes, and the Band Perry.  My favorite Christmas album ever since it came out in 2000 was always Christina Aguilera’sMy Kind of Christmas” mainly because she is the best  (in my opinion) female vocalists of my generation..regardless of some not so classy tendencies of hers. Anyways I figure this Bieber Christmas album will be my new “My Kind of Christmas” because Biebs is the equivalent to Christina in the way that he is, again in my opinion, the best male vocalist of this generation (boy’s got range!). I saw a commercial yesterday that Target is selling the album for $9.99….no idea how long that will last so go NOW and get i, I am certainly planning to!! And check out the first music video from the album called “Mistletoe” below (I bet Selena wasn’t too happy about her look-a-like in the vid!)