Louis The Child’s “Love Is Alive” EP Is Out NOW!

Chicago-based electronic duo Louis The Child recently dropped their latest EP “Love Is Alive”. The EP is five tracks long and three of the five had either been teased or released earlier on. One song that had not been released until now “World On Fire” is by far my favorite track from the EP with “Fire” coming in a very close second. Listen to all five tracks below and let me know what you think! Happy Listening music fam 🙂

Lollapalooza 2014 Line-Up

It’s here everyone, the 2014 Lollapalooza official lineup has been announced. I think it’s a good one, not the best I’ve seen (cough 2010 cough) but there are so many bands I am excited to see like Arctic Monkeys, Phantogram, Grouplove, Lorde, Spoon, Outkast, and so many more! Check out the lineup below! >


Lollapalooza 3 Day Passes – SOLD OUT


Whoo! What a crazy morning! If you were also hanging in the Lollapalooza ticketing standby room you know what I mean. Early Bird tickets were gone in just a few SECONDS.  Luckily I was able to get my GA 3 day ticket just before they were completely sold out! Did you all get your tickets?! Stay tuned tomorrow morning for the HUGE line up announcement and single day passes will go on sale tomorrow also! I will be sure to post the lineup here in case you miss it.

On another not…check out the AMAZING official Lollapalooza poster? I had to order it immediately. Let me know if you’ll be going to the festival, I’d love to meet some of you! =D


Some Lollapalooza Headliners Have Been Announced!!!!


Ohhh my goodness people! It is getting to be that time of year again, the time when our music festival hero Perry Farrell begins to share with us what amazing bands will grace our presence in what I like to call the Disneyland for music lovers..LOLLAPALOOZA! Yesterday a handful of headliners were announced and a couple of them were bands I had been seriously hoping would be there!

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Packing/Lolla Time!


Hello fellow music lovers! Right this second I am working on packing my giant suitcase for my trip to Chicago for Lollapalooza! Well actually right this second I’m procrastinating/watching the Kardashians (don’t hate) but you know…same difference ;p. I’m hoping to get lots of great pictures of the bands I see at Lolla and I will try to upload them as soon as possible =)! Check out my Twitter from time to time, I will definitely be posting on there more so than blogging new music (sry guys! I’m leaving my laptop at home). Anywho I hope you all have an awesome week/weekend! Nighty night =)!



IMHB’s Music Festival Essentials

Once again it’s THAT time of year where Lollapalooza is right around the corner and as per usual I am starting to make my many lists I tend to make to get ready (what to pack, what to buy, band schedule, etc.). August 2010 was my first Lolla trip and since then I am making it a tradition to go every year, this year will be my third! Each time I attend a music festival, I learn more and more about how to be be better prepared. I thought I would get together all of the information I’ve picked up along the way and compile a list for you, if you want it, or even just for myself to look back on each year. Whether you are headed to Lolla like me, Bonnaroo, Coachella, Sasquatch or any other music festival…this list will most likely apply to you. I hope it helps you get ready for some of the greatest musical events you’ll ever experience! Without further ado (not “adieu”, I looked it up) here is list..


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Oops!! I totally forgot to share!!

Two weeks ago I tweeted Perry Farrell, one of the greatest people ever for creating Lollapalooza, that I cried like a baby when I read the lineup that morning (sadly I really did cry..tears of joy of course!!). Anyways every year when I go to Lollapalooza, I can’t help but constantly mentally thank Perry for putting together something that is honestly one of the biggest sources of happiness for me! I was COMPLETELY and TOTALLY SHOCKED when he tweeted me back, with a hug no less!! Ahh! It made me whole week and I can’t believe I forgot to post/share with you guys! Here is the tweet!