‘Wish I Was Here’ Update: Coldplay and Cat Power colab on Soundtrack

The “Wish I Was Here” movie release is weeks away! In the meantime we have been getting some goodies here and there, and here is the latest. Coldplay and Cat Power did a colab especially for this movie’s soundtrack and it’s beautiful. Check it out below..

Zach Braff’s New Movie to Feature KICK ASS Soundtrack (not surprised at all)

When you take a look at movies like Garden State and The Last Kiss you can see that Sir Zachary Braff CLEARLY knows a thing or two about music. In the past he has featured music by The Shins (Garden State introduced so many people to them), Rufus Wainwright, Cary Brothers, Zero 7, Frou Frou, Turin Brakes, Coldplay, and so many more amazing artists!

Now that Zach has just finished writing, directing, and acting in his new film “Wish I Was Here” it sounds like he is putting together one awesome soundtrack. According to Entertainment Weekly, the new Garden State-esqu film’s soundtrack will feature new music from

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Alright – Sydney Wayser

If you like singers like Feist or Cat Power BOY are you in for a treat!! ;p. Seriously though, everytime this song comes on I try to guess who the singer is and I always think it’s Feist! Crazy! She’s got a beautiful voice and this song is REALLY catchy!

Fun Fact: Sydney is French-American (from NY), her father is a songwriter, and her musical influences include – Edith Piaf (LOVE), Charlotte Gainsbourg (LOVE), and Jacques Brel (no clue who that is but I am sure I’d love them too!).

Check out more by Sydney, if you like what you hear! Happy listening =)!

YouTube Covers Week: Kiersten Holine

OK guys, if you do not already know about this super talented YouTube-er then I hereby introduce you the owner of one of the most beautiful female singing voices I have ever come across (and that includes famous artists too!). Not only is she beautiful but mannn that voice! I love when I come across a female voice that I actually like because most of the time I tend to gravitate towards male indie bands and singers. There is a huge range to the songs she covers, some are oldies like Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and Neil Young…some are older oldies like Etta James, and Nat King Cole. And then she covers some of the best current indie bands out there like Bon Iver, Cat Power (who I think she sounds a lot like), Fleet Foxes, Beach House, Wilco, She & Him, and the list goes on! I actually find that a lot of the covers she does I end up liking her versions better then the originals, like “At Last” by Etta James and Modest Mouse’s “World at Large” and she REALLY improved on “These Days” by Jackson Browne.  Seriously though,  I challenge any of you to listen to her and NOT fall in love :p! She also put out an album called “Ignoble” which I definitely plan to purchase and you should to0..righttttt here! Now it’s time to share with you my favorite covers she has done because it’s (DUH) “YouTube Covers Week”. So yeah check em out and be sure to head to her YouTube Channel to check out the rest!

Kiersten’s YouTube Channel

Kiersten’s Blog

Kiersten’s Band Camp Site