Photography: Elizabeth Gadd


Let me just start this off by saying it is just not fair that all of these photographers live in these super lush, forest-y wonderlands! Clearly I need to relocate! Elizabeth Gadd’s photos are taken in the most beautiful places! She was born and is based near Vancouver, Canada. She has several different photo projects, my favorite being “Breath” which is where most of these photos (after the jump) are from.

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Get to Know: METRIC

Today I’ve got Metric on my mind and I just want to talk talk talk about them. Metric is my favorite band, which is actually a very strange thing since I constantly bounce from band to band, genre to genre, but Metric is just it for me. Metric is made up of 4 members. Emily Haines the lead singer (also: my role model), guitarist James Shaw (also has a great singing voice) , bassist Josh Winstead, and the drummer Joules Scott-Key.
They came from Toronto, Canada in 1998 and have been kicking ass musically ever since. The band has release four main albums: Old World Underground, Where are you Now (2003), Live it Out (2005), Grow Up and Blow Away (2007), and Fantasies (2009). I had never even heard of the band until one day last year I was at Target looking on my favorite self in the music section “ARTISTS ON THE VERGE” from which I had bought Omni by Minus the Bear, and The XX’s self-titled album.