Lover I Don’t Have to Love – Bettie Serveert (Bright Eyes Cover)

I think this song is so unbelievably sexy..I mean just listen to the lyrics! Those of you who used to watch The O.C. will recognize it. It was the backdrop for my favorite make out scene (between Marissa & Volchek) out of the whole series (the ripping off of the hot!). Enjoy!

YouTube Covers Week: Justin Whatley

I don’t know much about this YouTube musician…I DO know that he is super cute, he has GREAT taste in music (judging by the songs he covers) and his voice is you can really appreciate a YouTube-er that constanty has new videos to watch! Oh and…*swooooon* :p. Anyhousier check out my favorite covers, and be sure to head to his channel to check out the rest!

Happy listening :)!

Justin’s YouTube Channel