Beach House Re-evaluation

For as long as I can remember, or at least as long as I have been into Indie music, I was always told that I would love the Baltimore, Maryland formed dream pop duo Beach House. Not only had my friends told me how awesome they were, even my PandoraAmazonItunes, and my other online music accounts kept shoving them in my face, and I thought they were terrible! BUT thankfully my new favorite movie “Daydream Nation” stuck it right back in my face but in a “you have no idea who sings this song but it’s so perfect for this scene, and beautiful, and you LOVE it!”….Daydream Nation was so totally right! During a scene in the beginning where Thurston, gets really high and flies above all the students in the hallway, Beach House’s “Walk in the Park” plays in the background, and they couldn’t have picked a better song. I was shocked when I Shazamed the scene and saw it was Beach House! I have decided to re-evaluate my opinion and give them another chance. Isn’t it weird how at one point in our lives we HATE a certain music sound, and years later we completely LOVE it?! What is with that? It’s not just me is it? lol. Anyways… if you ever, like me, heard some Beach House and thought ” ugh, this sucks” you may want to give it another try down the road. I’ve found that happens to me on pretty much a weekly basis with finds a way to grow on me. As for Beach House, last night I bought the “Teen Dream” vinyl set since that is the album that has “Walk in the Park” on it, along with the Daydream Nation DVD (seriously, check that movie out, it’s wonderful!). Be sure to give Beach House a listen right heyah :p. Happy listening guys! ALWAYS try to re-evaluate music you aren’t particularly into, there may be something in there worth listening to.