“INITIALS P.H.O.E.N.I.X.” Mini-Documentary, Part Three & Four

Alright guys the last 2 installments of Phoenix’s multi-part documentary are out! I seriously love Guillaume Delaperrière for allowing me to feel nostalgic about a process I wasn’t even a part of *happy sigh*. Happy Friday everyone, especially to my fellow Phoenix fans :)!

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“INITIALS P.H.O.E.N.I.X.” Mini-Documentary, Part One & Two


If you didn’t already know, out of all the bands that fallen in and out of love with (there’s been many)…Phoenix has been a constant. And recently the French quartet has made a multipart documentary film directed by Guillaume Delaperrière. The film follows the band into the Motorbass Studio in Paris (during the making of their latest album “Bankrupt”).

So far they have released the first 2 parts of the film and they are amazing. I’ve definitely thought to myself before “what I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall in that studio” and I guess they heard me guys because that is what this film is!

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IMHB’s Best of 2013/Favorites/Happy New Years (EVE)

You guys! It’s almost 2014! I really feel 2013 was a great year for indie music. A lot of great bands put out new music (Phoenix!, Lorde,Pacific Air). I grew into liking some bands that I didn’t necessarily like before this year (The National, Cults, Young The Giant, Arcade Fire..still no hope for Mumford & Sons YUCK!). There was also a lot of really amazing bands/artists that made it to the spotlight (Lorde, Haim, Chvrches, The Royal Concepts, New Politics). Of course I made a playlist for my 2013 favorites (what kind of music blogger would I be if I didn’t?!). A handful of the tracks on the playlist really stuck out for me this, basically meaning that I may or may night have been so excited at first listen that I teared up and put the song on repeat for that entire week. I also had a bunch of favorites as in favorite song I heard on TV, favorite live show I saw, favorite album, etc. so here those are:

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Some Lollapalooza Headliners Have Been Announced!!!!


Ohhh my goodness people! It is getting to be that time of year again, the time when our music festival hero Perry Farrell begins to share with us what amazing bands will grace our presence in what I like to call the Disneyland for music lovers..LOLLAPALOOZA! Yesterday a handful of headliners were announced and a couple of them were bands I had been seriously hoping would be there!

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Entertainment – Phoenix

I could not be happier that a new Phoenix album is on it’s way into my hands in a little over a month!! This is the first single off “Bankrupt”! I am going to predict that this amazing Frenchalicous band will be gracing Lollapalooza with their presence this year! It’s really just a hunch but I feel like usually when a band releases an album they usually hit up some festivals while they’re touring AND they haven’t been since 2010 so as Imagine Dragons would say…IT’S TIME!

click HERE to check out their 2013 tour and HERE to pre-order their CD which let’s face it, we already now will be awesome!