Photography: Elizabeth Gadd


Let me just start this off by saying it is just not fair that all of these photographers live in these super lush, forest-y wonderlands! Clearly I need to relocate! Elizabeth Gadd’s photos are taken in the most beautiful places! She was born and is based near Vancouver, Canada. She has several different photo projects, my favorite being “Breath” which is where most of these photos (after the jump) are from.

Check out her…




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Photography: Phillip Schumacher


How about some more eye candy y’all (saying y’all makes me feel like Hannah Montanna, plz forgive me lol)?! Phillip Schumacher is a young photographer who lives in Germany. He has been into Photography since 2009. The talent of these photographers I’ve managed to come across just blows my mind and make me wish I was more creative and had a big ass camera! Take a looksie at his pics and show him some love on his sites. Especially check out the moon pictures..I don’t know what it is about them but whenever a photographer takes a photo and puts a moon in it and makes it look THAT real, UGH I just LOVE it! So cool!

Flickr        Tumblr      Website        FB Fanpage

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Photography: Elena Kalis

Elena Kalis is a woman from Russia who currently lives with her family in the Bahamas. She is a full time mom but in her spare time she dabbles in underwater photography. Surprisingly she hasn’t been doing it for too long. You can see her true talent and love for water show throw in her work! Most of the subjects in these photos are her children and their friends. Interesting! Take a looksie!

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Art: Matt Wisniewski

Soo I am starting to notice a pattern in the kind of art I like, digital collage work! Matt Wisniewski is a New York native, originally from Philly, and OMG does he make some incredible eye candy! I grabbed all of my favorites of his from several different projects of his. To check out the rest click here!

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Art: Kate MccGwire

I can’t get enough of Installation Art!! This artists name is Kate MccGwire and she works primarily with feathers such as Magpie, Pigeon, and Crow feathers. Pigeon feathers are her favorite to work with because she likes the idea of taking something that people generally thing is dirty “rat’s with wings“, and make something so beautiful out of it.  She describes her installations as being “ dreamlike, but dirty, but animal, but sort of wooden“. They symbolize power and the art of enchantment.

Over the years Kate has built up a connection with racing pigeon societies all over the country.  Once the pigeons molt about, 200 individuals send her envelopes FULL of feathers!

Kate’s inspiration comes from the river her work studio is located on. When the weather is bad the river moves as a torrent that has directional turning and churning which inspire her installations that appear to be flowing like water out of pipes.

My favorite thing about Kate MccGwire’s art would have to be the names. She says that she chooses titles for each of her installations that are “bodily, visceral, and immediate” . They all describe a certain feeling that anyone could have.

If you want to know more about Kate and her amazing installations, visit her site here!

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Art: Charmaine Olivia

I am newly obsessed with the website and all the crazy funky art it features. Every time I get on that website I find myself going to this gal’s section. Her name is Charmaine Olivia and she is an AMAZING artist!! I used one of her pieces for my site background (the little birdie) let’s hope she doesn’t mind. Be sure to check her out here. Here are some of my favorites that she’s done!

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