In case you didn’t know, a super amazing show (that if you haven’t seen, go catch up!) is BACK for Season 3! And if that news wasn’t already great…here comes more awesome (drumroll please)……HBO gave presents in the form of posting the first 2 episodes on YouTube! Yay HBO, I am forever grateful! So if you’re all caught up on seasons 1 & 2 watch the vids below to get started on season 3!


Ho Hey – The Lumineers

I heard this song on last night’s episode of Heart of Dixie..and then I searched all over the place for it and turns out..I wasn’t the only only one searching! So anyways I finally found it and now I will post it because it’s great! And chances are there’s someone out there still looking. Happy Listening!

Song of the Day: Twice – Little Dragon

I heard this song two nights ago on one of my fave fall TV shows, ABC’s “Revenge”. It’s great, you should watch..but try to start at the beginning. The show features a lot of great music, in fact they have been playing a lot of Agnes Obel..I knew she’d be big! Anyways you should check out Little Dragon on YouTube she has some other really great videos. Happy Listening!

From the Album: Little Dragon (S/T)