Lollapalooza 2015 Lineup Announced, Get Your Single Day Passes Right Meow!!

Hey Everyone! Just yesterday the Lollapalooza Early Bird and Regular GA Passes went on sale and sold out within 30 minutes! But it’s ok, today at 10AM CT the single day passes go on sale for $110 a piece! If you’ve never been to Lolla and are on the fence about spending all that money on these tickets I promise from the bottom of my music loving heart that it’s well worth the money! Click here to get your tickets!! And check out the lineup below! Eeeeeeek! 


Guava Festival 2015 Lineup Has Been Announced!

I am especially excited about this announcement after going last year (see my post on it here) and having the best time! If you live in the Florida area you HAVE to make it to this festival, it’s smaller then your usual music festival which makes it more intimate and theirs nothing better than seeing such BIG NAMED ARTISTS in a small and intimate setting…plus they have a ferris wheel and other rides! See you there! Check out the lineup below (my mind is blown- strokes, PIXIES?!, Hozier, yes please!) and click the image to head to the official Guava Festival website to keep an eye out for tickets!


Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon Announces His Eaux Claires Music Festival

Eaux Claire

There’s been rumors going around for a while now about Bon Iver’s frontman Justin Vernon putting together his own festival (kind of like David Mathew Bands Fest..except better because I don’t like DMB). Turns out the rumors are TRUE! Justin and Aaron Dessner, guitar and keyboard player of The National are co-curating the Eaux Claire Music & that will take place next July in Eau Claire, Wisconsin (and hopefully continues every year after, as most music fests do). Today they’ve got some tickets for sale HERE. Whats cool about one of the options is the 2 Day Chippewa $200 option (which isn’t bad for a music festival) you get full access to both days of Eaux Claires, unlimited  (yes I said unlimited) premium beer & soft drinks on festival grounds during show hours, custom keepsake mug, and more. Ummmm sign me up!! There will also be camping options nearby. You guys, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful event. Here is what Justin and Aaron had to say about the festival in an interview with Stereogum… Continue reading

IMHB’s Hypothetical Line Up: Governors Ball 2014

Governers Ball FINAL

Every year when music festival season comes around I start to feel the “too many festivals, not enough resources” blues. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. Even though I know I can’t go to all these festivals, there is a part of me (the part that’s seriously in denial) that prefers to play pretend in the form of making my personalized “bands to see” list. If you’ve been to a festival, you’ve made this list, and if you haven’t…well you’re just not very organized. I know that when I go to Lollapalooza every year my favorite thing to do while I wait for the festival to get here is to pick and choose which bands I want to see since there a few hundred to choose from and almost all of them are great!

Here is who I would see if I were going to Governors Ball this weekend…

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Lollapalooza 2014 Headliners Include…..

Yay yay yay yay YAY! Wow sorry guys, I had to get that out of my system. If you’ve followed this blog for a bit you might have noticed I have a little thing for Lollapalooza (music festival)…and by little thing I really mean large scale obsession.

On to more exciting news, one of my favorite music sites Sound of Consequence reported today that there has been major talk surrounding the line-up for Lolla which is still pretty far off from being officially announced. The Chicago Tribune said that (not to be named) “industry sources” confirmed that  Continue reading

SXSW – Where is IMHB?!

Hey Everyone! To all of you amazingly talented artists and artist management teams, publicists, etc that have messaged me about scheduling interviews at SXSW…unfortunately I am not attending this year. I love receiving your messages and all the music submissions you’ve been sending. I am already making plans to attend next year so keep Indie Music Heartbeat in mind and let me know if you’d like to set something up when we get closer to the next showcase. It would be so great to meet you!

To all of you who ARE attending SXSW right now..I am very jealous and I would LOVE to hear all about your time there. If you want to share your experiences or maybe tell me about some great bands you’ve seen that maybe I haven’t heard of, email me at!

As always, happy listening

Chicago/Lollapalooza 2013


Good morning fellow music lovers! Do you know that feeling when you experience something SO mind-blowing/magical and when it ends you are left in a state of shock followed by the extreme fear of not being able to explain said magic to others?! took me a while but I think I’m ready. Back in August I got back from my favorite city in the world, Chicago or Chi-Town as I like to call it. For the past four years, every August I travel to Chicago for Lollapalooza. This year was no different although I did decide to tack on 4 extra days before Lolla to frolic in the city. Here are some highlights from my trip!

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