RÜFÜS DU SOL – Live from Joshua Tree

Ok. I’m a very passionate person, and I love so many bands, SO many. RÜFÜS DU SOL is different. It’s almost hard to put into words. They can make me feel so many emotions all at once AND give me full body goosebumps. They’re just so incredibly talented and I just love them so much. Ok now that I got that out of the way, they recently released a live concert film that was shot and recorded alone in the Joshua Tree desert! And do you want to know the best part? IT’S 45 MINS LONG! I think now, during this crazy time where all of us are quarantined inside our homes is a perfect time to dim your lights, put this on the biggest screen in your house, press play and let this incredible live concert soothe your heart and your mind. Also, move your body, have some fun, dance by yourself or with a friend or your cat. Remember that you’re not alone and that each day that passes brings us closer to a better time when we will all be together again. Stay safe everyone <3.

Phoenix Announce World Tour and Everyone Everywhere is Jumping Up and Down

You know, Mondays aren’t as bad as they say. ESPECIALLY this one, and I will tell you why. This morning, my personal favorite group of lovely French men (Phoenix) announced a whole bunch of tour dates via this photo posted to their social media accounts. Whitney, The Lemon Twigs, and Miike Snow will be joining them on tour.

Not only did they announce the tour but it just so happens to be starting in FLORIDA..where Indie Music Heartbeat resides! Specifically the House of Blues where I saw them perform a few years ago. I have said this before and I will say it again, their live performances are like no other. They always play way more songs than you think they will and.. Continue reading

Sasquatch Music Festival 2017 Lineup Announced!

Ohhhhh Sassy. last year I checked Sasquatch off of my music festival bucket list and had what was quite possibly the best time of my life. I still haven’t been able to post about it because it’s hard to put into words how amazing it was ( I will soon, I promise). Today Sasquatch announced their 2017 lineup and while I don’t think it’s as great as last years, I do think there are some really good artists coming to The Gorge Memorial Day Weekend! Some of which are: Phantogram, MGMT, Rufus Du Sol, Chance the Rapper, Kiiara, Kaytranada, Jagwar Ma, The Shins, Bonobo, Mac Miller, Big Gigantic, and more! See the full lineup below. Tickets go on sale Saturday, January 28th at 10AM. Click here for more information.


Sarah Barthel Turns into a Human Disco Ball at The Ritz Ybor Tampa Show


I don’t know about you, but I had always been hesitant about going to a concert alone. I mean, I’d wondered Lollapalooza solo before..but that’s not quite the same. A few Sundays ago one of my very favorite bands Phantogram played a show at The Ritz Ybor in Tampa. I had bought my tickets weeks in advance, hoping I could find a buddy who actually liked Phantogram to tag along. Unfortunately my friends don’t seem to have very good taste in music and no one wanted to go. I was faced with a decision, miss seeing one of my favorite bands or go see them but possibly feel awkward. Guess what? I went to that concert and had the BEST time! I was nervous for sure and standing around waiting for the bands to come on was totally weird (thank god for cell phones) but once the concert started everything was great! The best part about being at a concert solo is getting to dance and flail and whip your hair all over the damn place because, who cares? You’ll never see these people again (in most cases).

The opening band Bad Things was great! I had only ever heard their song “Caught Inside” (which I love) and I really like all the other songs they played, their album is definitely worth a good listen. The singer was VERY flaily, which was entertaining. At one point he hopped into the crowd and kind of purposefully ran into people..pretty sure the majority of the crowd didn’t know whether to cheer him on or call an ambulance (he seemed pretty out of it..see video). Meanwhile Continue reading

IMHB’s Hypothetical Line Up: Coachella 2014


Every year when music festival season comes around I start to feel the “too many festivals, not enough resources” blues. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. Even though I know I can’t go to all these festivals, there is a part of me (the part that’s seriously in denial) that prefers to play pretend in the form of making my personalized “bands to see” list. If you’ve been to a festival, you’ve made this list, and if you haven’t…well you’re just not very organized. I know that when I go to Lollapalooza every year my favorite thing to do while I wait for the festival to get here is to pick and choose which bands I want to see since there a few hundred to choose from and almost all of them are great!

Coachella is a very special Festival to me. I’ve never been but it seems like Lolla…AMPLIFIED. Also there are tons of celebrities there which doesn’t hurt either. I am hoping to be able to cross Coachella off of my bucket list in the next year or two. Until then, here is who I would see if I were going to be there this weekend…

Continue reading

Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival 2014


Ok guys, think of all your favorite elements of a festival (music, camping, etc) and then add yoga, shopping, games, workshops, Interactive Art Installations and a temple and you get Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival!

Lightning in a Bottle Festival is a festival based in Southern California presented by the awesome people over at The Do LaB. This festival is all about love, nature, friendship, creative expression, and personal growth! I have never been to this festival or anything like it but after reading up on it,  it sounds like a whole other world…in a good way of course! Like the kind of place you go and come back a new and better person. I am really impressed by how much there is to do at this festival. There is literally something for every type of person. Continue reading