Dear Jaden Smith, Consider Me Impressed…


Have you guys heard the new music Jaden Smith has put out recently?! Jaden and his sister Willow released a song called “Melancholy” which is him rapping with Willow’s vocals in the background it also has Pink Floyd’s “Breathe” in the backround (love this one). He also put out a track on Souncloud called “Jetskis” produced by AzZi. I love them both and can’t wait for him to put out more! Check out the tracks below and let me know what you think!

Giants – Bear Hands

Thank you to one of my favorite SiriusXM stations: Alt Nation for introducing me to this song yesterday! The only downside to this awesome new music is…it’s not available to buy until Oct. 22! I can’t wait that long! :/. Luckily I found it on their Soundcloud so I am still able to share it with you guys! This is such a great kind of has the flow of reggae mixed in with a Twenty One Pilots kind of sound. Let me know what you think!

Artist to Checkout: Imagine Dragons

So I have recently stumbled across this goldmine of a band! I actually found them when I was researching The Color Run and in one of their promo videos they featured Imagine Dragons‘ song “On Top of the World” and I loved it so much I had to listen to more of their music!! Oh my gosh am I glad I did!!! Imagine Dragons is a Vegas based band of 5, Dan Reynolds, D Wayne Sermon, Ben McKee, and Daniel Platzman. They have four EPs out right now titled “Imagine Dragons”, “Hell and Silence”, “It’s Time”, and my favorite “Continued Silence“.  I really like ALL of them! Although I have to admit I found that most of the tracks I fell in love with were from the “Continued Silence EP”. The best part about this band you might ask? The fact that I haven’t heard anything like it, specifically the  way that each song sounds different from the last, I think that’s a special quality to find in a band (their albums make for good car dance parties!…just sayin). I am mainly writing this review with “Continued Silence” fresh in my mind…actually playing in my ear-bud at this very second! On the band’s website “Continued Silence” is referred to as a “six song in-your-face sonic grenade that breaks musical boundaries and yet is strangely relate-able by its improbably diverse audience” and I couldn’t agree more! My two favorite tracks by this Vegas band are hard to choose, but if I had to I would pick “Radioactive” and “Demons“. I have to say this EP has some serious TV and Movie potential..come one Music Supervisors, scoop them up quick!! I just really think this band is a great find and I hope you guys like them as much as I do..I really can’t get over how great they are!! If you do, make sure to support and go buy their EP, like em on Facebook, and PLEASE listen listen listen (below)!  would love to know what you all think! Happy listening fellow music lovers!!