Love For: Warm Bodies


Rarely do I get out of a movie and want to run home and blog about it but this time around I just couldn’t help myself!!! Ever since I saw the trailer for Warm Bodies I started counting down the days until it came out. Not because it seemed super intellectual or thought-provoking but because it looked hilarious and cute! The movie is set in the post-apocalyptic future where there are humans (who are kept inside a huge steel wall that wraps around the center of the city), zombies (who for some reason reside in the local airport), and boneys (what a zombie turns into if they ‘give up’/flesh hungry skeletons). The main character is R (played by Nicholas Hoult) is a zombie (also the narrator and a hilarious one at that) who lives at the airport with the other zombies and boneys who leave them all alone because they’re already dead. R is not like the other zombies though, he wants more out of life than wandering around grunting and eating humans. During a trip the zombies take to sniff out some humans to eat, they find a group of teens in a pharmacy and go to town. This is when R meets Julie (played by Teresa Palmer) who is the daughter of the leader of the humans. He takes her back to the airport and he starts to ‘thaw out’ and become more human as the movie goes on. I’m not going to spoil the rest but it had an awesome ending! This is coming from someone who really doesn’t care for anything that has to do with zombies (no Walking Dead for me). Aside from the awesome story there was another HUGE pro to this movie: (after the jump) Continue reading

Sound of My Voice Movie Review

Today I had the day off of work, and usually when that happens I clean..or sleep..or read. Not today my friends, not today! I have really been wanting to see “Sound of My Voice” for quite some time now but it hadn’t come to my theater…until this past weekend. So of course when I had some free time today I ran right over to the movie theater and saw the movie all by myself!

To be honest, I could’ve went into the theater not even knowing what the movie was about and just the fact that Brit Marling co-wrote along with Zal Batmanglij and acted in it was enough to get me to see it, not to mention the true originality of the story!! You may not know who Brit Marling is, I didn’t either until I saw the movie “Another Earth” which was so beautiful and unique! Brit also co-wrote and acted in it (I highly recommend you see it as soon as you possibly can!). There is something about this woman, she is beautiful, smart, and very talented. It’s safe to say you WILL fall in love with her once you see these films.

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Indie Movie of the Week: The Art of Getting By

I love love love LOVE this movie, please watch!

Plot: A high school slacker forges an unlikely bond with the most popular girl in his class, and becomes an apprentice to an older artist after learning that his disdain for homework may cost him his diploma. George (Freddie Highmore) isn’t what you’d call a people person, yet he’s somehow managed to make it through high school with a minimal amount of effort. Meanwhile, Sally (Emma Roberts) is a natural-born beauty whose popularity helps to hide the fact that she’s positively miserable at home. Brought together by their turbulent personal lives, Sally and George quickly discover that despite appearances, they actually have quite a bit in common. It all threatens to fall apart, though, when George learns that he may not be eligible for graduation. Desperate to escape high school by any means necessary, George attempts to learn some measure of self-discipline by working under Dustin, a successful 25-year-old artist who sees potential in the young misfit. Now, just as George begins to see the future as something to embrace rather than something to dread, his lazy past threatens to hinder his forward momentum.



Another Earth Movie Review

So last night I went to rent a movie..I had never heard of this one but I always trust Sundance films and almost always like every one I see. If you like really strange, kind of sad movies…chances are you will probably like this one. This is somewhat of a spoiler and somewhat a you’ve been warned.

It’s about a young student in her teens who on the night of the discovery of another earth, drives drunk and while looking up at the stars and not the road, crashes into another car and kills a man’s pregnant wife and his three year old son. The crash puts the man in a coma and the drunk driver Rhoda in jail. Fast forward to four years later Rhoda is just getting out and hears of an essay contest to be sent to the “Other Earth”. Rhoda who is living like a guilty zombie decides to enter. She finds out where the man who was in the accident she caused lives and goes to him to apologize. She get’s nervous and instead pretends she is part of a cleaning service and that offers him a free trial. After the trial is over he decides to hire her as his weekly cleaning lady. As time goes by they become close and inevitably fall in love with each other. Rhoda wins the trip to the other Earth. She then goes to the man to tell him the truth of how she killed his family and she gives him her ticket to the other Earth hoping that when he goes there he might be able to see his family again.

When this movie started I was a little bored because it moves a little bit slow particularly because when the main character Rhoda gets out of jail she lives her life extremely depressed and haunted by what she did. After watching till the end I definitely recommend this movie.

Breaking Dawn Part 1 Review

Now what kind of female blogger would I be if I didn’t share my thoughts on the latest big screen Twilight adaption: Breaking Dawn Part 1?! Well I don’t know exactly but I intend to give you guys a full report! And if you don’t like clearly didn’t read the books.


As you may or may not know, each installment of the Twilight movies has it’s own director. Twilight was directed by Catherine Hardwicke who also directed Thirteen and Lords of Dowgtown. The second Twilight movie New Moon was directed by Chris Weitz who also directed American Pie. The third Twilight movie Eclipse was directed by David Slade who also directed Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night. Last but not least Writer Stephanie Meyer chose Bill Condonto finish up the Saga with Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2. Bill also directed Dreamgirls.  I would have to say that Breaking Dawn Part 1 was everything I wanted it to be…aside from the barely there sex scene lol.

BELLA – I did find it hilarious watching Bella throw herself at Edward. And when he swore he would never hurt/screw her again, I got just as annoyed with him in the movie as I did when reading that part. That was what I liked most about this movie, I could literally remember reading every scene in the movie in the book. Taking straight from the book is something that in my opinion the other movies lacked entirely. And let’s talk about how disgusting they made K Stew look!! Ew! Most of the scenes with 2lb K Stew had me looking away. I researched this because I thought there was no way that could’ve been real. I mean the way her body looked is the way anorexic’s bodies look when they’re on their death bed. In an interview director of the film Bill Condon revealed that the filmmakers looked to Lola Visual Effects, the company who made muscular Chris Evans look like a tiny little boy in this summer’s  “Captain America.” Kristen said that the transformation scared her more than anything else because she had no control over Bella in that aspect and didn’t get to see the outcome until the movies premiere. When Rob was asked about the transformation he said “There are scenes were Bella looks like an alien. When the baby eats her from inside, she looks so thin and ghastly.” and “Kristen had to wear this horrible makeup and when I’d see her come on set, I’d ask the crew: ‘’Are you sure we’re filming Twilight? Isn’t it supposed to be harmless and PG-13?”. Aw how cute.

JACOB – I will admit that Jacob wasn’t near as irritating to me this time around..(usually his nasal voice and pig nose is enough to drive me mad). I liked him better in this movie most likely because he was on the Cullens side and helped Edward protect Bella and the unborn vamp-human fetus.

EDWARD – It’s hard to explain how I feel about Edward in any of the movies. I am definitely a member of his team ;)..however I find that even though he is super duper sexy, the character of Edward gets on my nerves a bit. Mostly because he is so damn old fashioned…and…he is always staring off into the distance, talk about a block of ice..hah. How terrible of him to withhold sex from his new bride tisk tisk Edward.

CULLENS – Rosalie is still a bitch, in this movie she’s a baby-loving bitch. Alice is as adorable as ever, telling the future and all, until Bella becomes preggers and blocks her visions. Emmet is big and buff and not a big role player in this movie and neither is Jasper really. Esme and Carlisle are awesome to their new daughter in law, putting their lives on the line to protect hers and her baby’s, love the

WEREWOLVES – sucked as usual. BLECH! Can’t stand them. I have to say the funniest scene in the whole movie was when Jacob became Alpha, and all of the werewolves were having a serious back and forth conversation…soooo lame. I have to say it was a very satisfying scene when they were all at the cullens, ready to rip the vamps apart (not that they could have..!) but once they learned that Jacob had imprinted on baby Renesme they couldn’t go near them! Ha ha stupid werewolves. Apparently it is their code to live by (no harming imprintees, that is).

BIRTHING SCENE – aka let down. The birthing scene was a huge let down because it was filmed from Bella’s point of view..basically showing us, the audience next to nothing. It still managed to be pretty disgusting, but not disgusting enough by my standards..I mean come on! The screenwriter of this movie worked on Dexter, you’d think there’d be a little more blood and guts!

THE END – Watching Edward pound on Bella’s dead body trying to bring her back was really really sad, as was Jacob crying on the front lawn :(. I predicted the movie would end on Bella opening her red vampire eyes, and I was right! I was so sad to see it end! The credits were awesome too. What a great song to end the movie with (Endtapes by Joy Formidable). and HEY! Make sure you stay after the credits for a vulturi-ish surprise!!

I feel like they were able to fit a lot in this movie. I do however need to grab the book and refresh for the next movie..i can’t quite remember everything. I think overall this movie was great! Aside from Twilight’s usual cheesiness and the lack of vampire sex, this movie was everything I wanted it to be.

So readers, what do you think? Was this a HUGE disappointment? Or right on the money?