Love For: Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens is and will always be one of my top favorite artists for many reasons…for one he was born in Michigan (Twinsies :p). His name is persian for “comes with a sword” and that’s pretty badass. Also he can play all sorts of instruments! My favorite that he plays is the banjo (swoon). He also plays the guitar, piano, drums, flute, the oboe and English horn! I actually listen to his lyrics which most of the time I am a rhythm kind of person. But the main reason I love love love him is for his beautiful voice. Sufjan has made 10 albums: “A Sun Came“, “Enjoy Your Rabbit“, “Michigan”, “Seven Swans”, “Illinois“, “The Avalanche”, “Songs for Christmas“, “The BQE“, “Delighted People EP”, and “The Age of Adz”. My favorite album would have to be “Illinois” and “Michigan” is my favorite (pretty funny considering I am from Michigan and am planning to move to Chicago). Continue reading

Love For: Temper Trap – Conditions (Album)

We’ve all heard Temper Trap’s “Sweet Disposition”  …unless you live under a rock, don’t own a TV, or have never seen 500 Days of Summer (shame on you!). Anyways….most of us have heard that song but little did I know that the rest of the album “Conditions” was just as memorable and fun to listen to (especially Dougy Mandagi’s voice). So everyday for the past week this is the album I have been blasting in my car and I must say…I don’t think I’ll be getting sick of it anytime soon :). I did some research and it turns out that “Conditions is the band’s first album to be released (not bad!) annnnnnd they’re a bunch of Australians! Check them out here! And below you can listen to the whole album! My faves are “Love Lost”, “Fader”, “Rest”, and of course “Sweet Disposition”. Love love love them!

Happy Listening 🙂

Love For: Elizabethtown Soundtrack

I really LOVE this soundtrack. The movie is in my top 10 for sure. I recommend checking out both. They both always put me in a good mood :).

Volume 1

  1. 60B (Etown Theme) – Nancy Wilson
  2. It’ll All Work Out – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
  3. My Father’s GunElton John
  4. IO (This Time Around) – Helen Stellar
  5. Come Pick Me Up – Ryan Adams
  6. Where to Begin – My Morning Jacket
  7. Long Ride Home – Patty Griffin
  8. Sugar Blue – Jeff Finlin
  9. Don’t I Hold You – Wheat
  10. Shut Us Down – Lindsey Buckingham
  11. Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out) – The Hombres
  12. Hard Times (Come Again No More) – Eastmountainsouth
  13. Jesus Was a Cross Maker – The Hollies
  14. Square OneTom Petty
  15. Same in Any Language – I Nine

Volume 2

  1. Learning to Fly – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
  2. English Girls Approximately – Ryan Adams
  3. Jesus Was A Crossmaker – Rachael Yamagata
  4. Funky Nassau Pt. 1 – Beginning of the End
  5. LoroPinback
  6. Moon River – Patty Griffin
  7. Summerlong – Kathleen Edwards
  8. …Passing By – Ulrich Schnauss
  9. You Can’t Hurry Love – The Concretes
  10. River Road – Nancy Wilson
  11. Same in Any Language – Ruckus
  12. What Are They Doing in Heaven Today – Washington Phillips
  13. Words – Ryan Adams
  14. Big Love (Live)- Lindsey Buckingham
  15. I Can’t Get Next To You – The Temptations