Photography: Taylor Marie McCormick


  Taylor McCormick is a 19 year old Conceptual Photographer from Georgia. I really admire photographers that have the ability to take a picture of something and then make it look as if it came from a dream! Beautiful beautiful pictures! Click below to see more.

Check her out on Flickr and Facebook!

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Photography: Elizabeth Gadd


Let me just start this off by saying it is just not fair that all of these photographers live in these super lush, forest-y wonderlands! Clearly I need to relocate! Elizabeth Gadd’s photos are taken in the most beautiful places! She was born and is based near Vancouver, Canada. She has several different photo projects, my favorite being “Breath” which is where most of these photos (after the jump) are from.

Check out her…




Click below to see more pictures!

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Photography: Phillip Schumacher


How about some more eye candy y’all (saying y’all makes me feel like Hannah Montanna, plz forgive me lol)?! Phillip Schumacher is a young photographer who lives in Germany. He has been into Photography since 2009. The talent of these photographers I’ve managed to come across just blows my mind and make me wish I was more creative and had a big ass camera! Take a looksie at his pics and show him some love on his sites. Especially check out the moon pictures..I don’t know what it is about them but whenever a photographer takes a photo and puts a moon in it and makes it look THAT real, UGH I just LOVE it! So cool!

Flickr        Tumblr      Website        FB Fanpage

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Photography: Rrrrrrrroll Gifs

I just love GIFS…like too much. I could stare at them all day long! And Rrrrrrrroll_gif’s GIFs are the! A bunch of artists in Japan get together to produce creative pieces that involve people and objects rotating on a single axis. They post twice a week to their website so be sure to check up on em!

click below for MORE mind blowing GIFs!

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Photography: Elena Kalis

Elena Kalis is a woman from Russia who currently lives with her family in the Bahamas. She is a full time mom but in her spare time she dabbles in underwater photography. Surprisingly she hasn’t been doing it for too long. You can see her true talent and love for water show throw in her work! Most of the subjects in these photos are her children and their friends. Interesting! Take a looksie!

click below to see more and click here to check out Elena’s website!

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Photography: Joel Robison aka Boy Wonder

If you’re like me, you might get easily overwhelmed with excitement when a pile or pure genius is dropped in your lap (or in this case brought to your attention through an awesome website) and there is just so much you don’t know where to start! That is how I felt when I happened to come across photographer Joel Robison’s Flickr account. I mean WOW! It’s a little overwhelming how many amazing photos he has taken. He reminds me of a very attractive Sheldon Cooper except replace the science with creativity (and if you don’t know who Sheldon Cooper is..foreshame!). Anyways back to Boy Wonder (his Flickr username) all I have really read about him is he is 27 and a teacher. Clearly something is wrong here..I mean this guy should be world famous, so spread the word people! He has so many different themes and stories that he tells through each picture that he takes (I would LOVE to pick his brain about them!)! My favorite of his pictures are the ones where he shrinks himself down and places himself next to inanimate objects like books or globes..SO COOL! Here are some of my favorites…there were way too many too choose from so I tried to only pick a smaller amount so that you could hop on over to his Flickr and check out the rest of his work!

Joel’s Website       Joel’s Flickr     Joel’s Etsy Shop

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