Local Natives Have Released Their Newest Single Along With Special Listening Instructions..

Over the weekend LA based Indie Band Local Natives released their newest single “I Saw You Close Your Eyes”. Different from the others, this one comes with special listening instructions. Let’s face it, sometimes it’s fun to be told what to do right? If I had a dollar for every time I gave someone very specific listening instructions..I’d have a lot of dollars ;p.

The band created a website especially for you to listen to their new song (you can click here to be redirected to it). The site instructs you to turn out the lights, turn up the brightness on your computer screen, and grant the site “access to your eyes” through your webcam. The site then tells you to face your screen from about a foot-and-a-half away and close your eyes. Once your webcam reads your face and knows that your eyes are shut, “I Saw You Close Your Eyes” will begin to play.


Sounds fun right? So go grab your laptops and give it a go. If you don’t feel like doing all that, or you are on a computer or phone you can simply click play below and give it a listen the good ol’ fashion way. Enjoy!!


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