Indie Music Heartbeat’s 25 Days of Christmas 2016


It’s that time of year again guys! Christmas is weeks away which means most of you are experiencing freezing cold weather, warm cozy blankets, unicorn onesies (Santa, I want one!) and perhaps a hot beverage? I live in Florida so I am wishing that I was right there freezing with you..while wearing shorts and choking on humidity (ok it’s not THAT bad).

One of my personal favorite things about the holiday season is the music..are you shocked? Didn’t think so ;p. It’s been a couple years since I did IHMB’s 25 Days of Christmas and guess what? I’m bringing it back! Every day this month I will post a Christmas song. Some of these will be old, some new, all wonderfully Christmas-y. It’s been a particularly shitty year so let’s try our best to be happy, loving, and of course as silly and weird as possible k? And if any of you come across any great Christmas music you’d like to share, please do. You can send your findings and/or your personal music submissions to

Go grab those blankets and let’s get it started shall we?

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