MyMusicRx + #Bedstock2014 = ALL THE FEELS

Today Foster the People posted a picture on their Instagram account of Mark Foster singing in bed. If that’s not already great enough, then I find out that it’s for a website called MyMusicRX. is a “music medicine” site created by the Children’s Cancer Association for kids and teens facing cancer and other serious illnesses. The site gives kids all the resources (concerts, music lessons, digital instruments, and games) they need to feel the music and feel better. I have always believed that music can be a type of medicine for people with illnesses whether it’s their emotions or health bringing them down music has a way of bringing them back up again. That healing power of music is exactly what MyMusicRx is all about. Below you can watch a touching video from the site made to give you an in-depth look into the program. In the video Chris Funk of The Decemberists and a CCA Board Member says  “one of the greatest thing about music is that it suspends reality and can remove people and therefore bring joy” which I 110% agree with. I could almost go off for hours about how amazing music is and how lucky we are that it exists, but I will do my best to contain myself ;p.

Cool right? Ok so back to Foster the People…MyMusicRx put together it’s own music festival called Bedstock.


Musicians all over are coming together to perform for this festival, only it’s not like any ordinary festival. Bedstock consists of different musicians and bands playing music from their beds for those who are stuck in their own bed due to cancer or other serious illnesses. There’s also videos of the kids stuck in their beds playing music too. How powerful and beautiful is that? Some of the bands that have participated in Bedstock are JoJo, Chromeo, Passion Pit, Mark Foster, and more. To get more info on Bedstock and to watch all the videos click HERE. And below, watch Mark Foster serenade bedridden kiddies with one of Foster the People’s best songs “Truth” from their new album “Supermodel”. By the way..who knew this song could be so incredible when performed acoustically?! Check it out for yourself.

Sidenote: I love you Mark Foster! lol (had to)

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