Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival 2014


Ok guys, think of all your favorite elements of a festival (music, camping, etc) and then add yoga, shopping, games, workshops, Interactive Art Installations and a temple and you get Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival!

Lightning in a Bottle Festival is a festival based in Southern California presented by the awesome people over at The Do LaB. This festival is all about love, nature, friendship, creative expression, and personal growth! I have never been to this festival or anything like it but after reading up on it,  it sounds like a whole other world…in a good way of course! Like the kind of place you go and come back a new and better person. I am really impressed by how much there is to do at this festival. There is literally something for every type of person.

This year is no different! The 9th Annual Installment of the festival is happening Memorial Day weekend a new location at San Antonio Recreation Area in Bradley, CA which sits perfectly between Los Angeles and San Francisco in beautiful Monterey County. The festival will offer so many opportunities to experience something new. Not only will there be activities and workshops and similar ways to improve and enjoy yourself…there’s also MUSIC (now we’re talkin)!! The lineup this year is really great, check it out below. And for more information, tickets, a virtual tour (so cool!) check out Lightning in a Bottle’s amazing website HERE.


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