Indie Music Heartbeat’s Bucket List!

So like any normal human being, I have had many thoughts and ideas here and there about all the things I want to do in my life…aka THE BUCKET LIST. I thought it would be fun to put one kind of hold myself to these things..not that I am in a hurry to do them BUT I don’t want to forget about it either! Maybe YOU could share some of your bucket list ideas?! That would be awesome! Without further adieu ladies and gents…..Indie Music Heartbeat’s Bucket List! (click below to check it out!)

That is my humongous bucket list (so far). What’s yours?!

5 thoughts on “Indie Music Heartbeat’s Bucket List!

  1. LOVE THIS!! I have seriously been dying to go to Niagra Falls, ever since it was in an Office episode lol. We can shoot guns AND see Sufjan while you’re in my stompin grounds. 🙂 This is a good list.


  2. Your post was really cool! Our music school tries its best to get our students to appreciate all types of music and experiences, and this list exemplifies that mindset. This list was cute, personal, ambitious, and all-in-all, fun. Keep up the awesome work!


    • Thank you so much Eva for your comment! I think it’s great that you make sure to teach your students to appreciate all types of music! I am happy that is the mindset that comes through my posts. Glad you liked it! I am planning to start doing more posts like this that are a little bit more personal so keep your eye out :)!


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