Where in the World is Indie Music Heartbeat?!

Jk jk! I’m right here! I feel pretty bad about not posting as much as I usually do these past couple of weeks, it’s been pretty busy around these parts! I do however want to take a moment and tell you guys all about the awesome time I had in Tampa last weekend!

As you probably know..unless you don’t pay attention, Metric is my favorite band..like ever! Last weekend my awesome friend Lorrie (popdculture) flew all the way from Indiana to see Metric with me! We, as die-hard Metric fans knew we couldn’t pass up the unbelievable opportunity to run around Tampa AND get to see our favorite band in a super small and intimate venue!

So we met up on a Friday, went to dinner and then stayed in talking and drinking yummy Moscato and Redbull! Saturday (concert day!) we got up early and went to International Plaza which is this HUGE mall with all the good stores like Louis Vuitton, Tori Burch, Tiffanys, etc. That place was amazing, definitely recommend checking it out! After that we randomly decided to go to Ikea which was SO hilariously fun! After Ikea we drove all the way to the airport to eat at Carrabas…because Carrabbas is our favorite and it’s worth it duh! :p.

Finally the most exciting part of the day, we parked our car and walked right into The Ritz Ybor (no line, THANK GOODNESS!) and waited behind these double doors for them to let all of us into the main room! There was actually a really great band playing while we waited, unfortunately I have NO clue what their name was…? So they opened the doors and I grabbed Lorrie’s hand and we RAN for the front!!! We JUST made it to the perfect spot leaving just a tiny bit of space between us and the stage! We waited for a while and asked everyone around us who was opening because it wasn’t on our tickets and we had NO idea…and neither did anyone else. A band came out, totally unfamiliar, made up of 3 guys from Canada. I didn’t know what to expect seeing as how I had never heard of them before but I did know that they had to be at least pretty good (opening for Metric and all). Not to sound all..dramatic but this band literally took my breath away, I kind of didn’t know what to do with myself. They had GREAT energy, their voices weren’t like any I’d ever heard, and my favorite part about them was the beat (always the first thing I notice with any song). Ohhh each one of their songs has such a great beat! My absolute favorite was “Call Me in the Afternoon” (check out “Full Circle” also!). They were SO great and are one of those bands who sound the same, if not better live which is impressive to say the least.

Half Moon Run finished up their set and then I started to hyperventilate knowing that at any moment Emily Haines was about to be just a few feet away from us! Ahh! I am still freaking just thinking about it! It was really dark and we heard a straight beat playing and then Emily, Jimmy, Josh, and Joules walked out on the stage and everyone FREAKED out! Sure enough they started with “Artificial Nocturne” (just like at Lollapalooza). They went on to play almost all of the songs from Synthetica. Surprisingly they skipped right over “Lost Kitten” (my fave). They played a lot of songs from “Fantasies” (my favorite Metric album) like “Stadium Love”, “Satellite Mind”, “Help I’m Alive”, etc. Probably one of the best thing about Metric’s live shows is Ms. Haines herself! I mean I could barely get my pictures to turn out because she never stops dancing! As usual her outfit was amazing! She was wearing short shorts, a black top, black leather jacket with gold chains hanging from it, and burgundy ankle boots with golden heels. The boys of the band looked quite awesome themselves, each one wearing a button up shirt w/ skinny jeans, and of course Jimmy was wearing his signature hat (so cute!).

Another noticeable thing about this show was when they first came out we noticed that the room was being flooded with smoke from several smoke machines..which not going to lie, totally pissed me off at first because the fog was blocking my camera! Later on I realized WHY they fogged up the place. They used lasers that REALLY stood out with the fog..it was actually the same type of laser effect that Coldplay used at Lollapalooza last year, it was very aesthetically pleasing but unfortunately hard to explain (go see them, it’ll be worth your while!).

At most of the concerts I go to (specifically ones of bands I am a HUGE fan of) I totally lose my cool and cry happy tears..like the whole time. I kept thinking during this show “tears are coming any minute” and they didn’t for the longest time! I realize now it was because I was in TOTAL shock at how close we were to my absolute favorite band! Before the concert Lorrie and I talked about which songs we were most hoping they would play. I knew they would play most of Synthetica and the popular singles from Fantasies but what I most wanted to hear was “Black Sheep”…which I figured there was no way they would play it since it’s not even on any of their albums! I was soooo happy to be wrong! They walked off the stage as all bands do when you know they are just taking a quick break before they grace you with their encore, and that is just what they did. And when they came back out guess what they played?! BLACK. SHEEP! I pretty much had a heart attack, and nearly lost my voice from scream singing along lol. They played “Gold Guns Girls” after and it was probably the most high energy song of the whole set, Jimmy played an amazing guitar solo! And finally they told us to “follow your dreams” and “fuck the people who say you can’t do it, prove them wrong” or something to that affect..followed by an acoustic performance of “Gimme Sympathy”  which totally qued the waterworks in my case lol.

This concert was hands down one of the best I have ever been to. The crowd was great, the openers were great, the lasers and lights were so cool, and Metric played their asses off like we were the most important audience they’d ever had. Man they really know how to make us fans feel special! :). If you ever get the chance to see Metric I highly recommend you do!

Check out these pics I took at the concert!! (not the best quality, used my phone!)


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