Artist On the Rise: Tame Impala

A year ago on my old music site I posted about Tame Impala. When I moved to WordPress I tried to re-post some of my reviews and somehow I missed this one! Especially since I had written it this band’s fame has been growing and growing! I thought now would be a good time to re-post since their second studio album is due out this summer! Enjoy!

Recently I read an article in Spin Magazine about all the “Next Big Things in 2011” and Tame Impala made it on the list. They are band from Australi, and Fun Fact: the “Impala” in their name refers to a medium-sized antelope, not the car lol! They’ve toured with bands: Beach House and Warpaint, and they’ve shared a producer with The Flaming Lips, and (one of my faves) MGMT. In the article/interview the lead guitarist and vocalist Kevin Parker said “the line between dream pop and psychedelia can get pretty hazy, maybe people are just digging warblier, weirder sounds these days.” <—- I love that he said this because it is SO true…I think for anyone who likes Indie music feels the same way: the weirder, the better, and I have to agree! I love some pretty weird music! Anyways they released their first album May 2010 called “Innerspeaker” and it’s awesome!! They’re harmonies sound more like that of a jam band but the vocals sound sort of dreamy and soft. It’s almost like they were placed in the wrong time period, I think they sound like they jumped out of the 60’s and 70’s, hoped in the time space continuum and ended up in our 21st century! Oooh and an extra awesome piece of information: they are coming to Lollapalooza 2012! I will be sure to go see them while I am there and give a full report (as long as their show doesn’t interfere with Metric’s!).

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