Get to Know: METRIC

Today I’ve got Metric on my mind and I just want to talk talk talk about them. Metric is my favorite band, which is actually a very strange thing since I constantly bounce from band to band, genre to genre, but Metric is just it for me. Metric is made up of 4 members. Emily Haines the lead singer (also: my role model), guitarist James Shaw (also has a great singing voice) , bassist Josh Winstead, and the drummer Joules Scott-Key.
They came from Toronto, Canada in 1998 and have been kicking ass musically ever since. The band has release four main albums: Old World Underground, Where are you Now (2003), Live it Out (2005), Grow Up and Blow Away (2007), and Fantasies (2009). I had never even heard of the band until one day last year I was at Target looking on my favorite self in the music section “ARTISTS ON THE VERGE” from which I had bought Omni by Minus the Bear, and The XX’s self-titled album.
Anyways I was looking around and thought that this Fantasies album looked pretty cool so I grabbed it, put it in, turned it up, and FELL IN LOVE!!! With Emily Haines’ voice if we are going to be specific here…what an unbelievable voice!! From start to finish, that album had me HOOKED!!  So as I do with most anything I like I started a search overlode to learn anything and everything about my new favorite band. Seeing that this was only out of four albums the band had put out, I ran and got the others and was still unbelievably impressed with each and every song. Shortly after I had bought Fantasies, I found out that as a birthday present, I was going to Lollapalooza an you’d never guess who was included in the line-up?!? Yep , that’s right METRIC!!!! If I were to get into how insane thier performance at Lolla was, well we would be here all day but I will say that I camoed out at that stage an hour before they were to be playing, nearly cried of happiness, and fought like hell to get to the front of a crowd full of crazies who loved Metric as much as I did (maybe not as much ha). It was the highlight of my concert seeing days that is for sure! They played all of my favorite songs from Fantasies and they even played a slow version of Combat Baby, another favorite from thier first album Old World Underground but sadly they did not play “Monster Hospital” which I was really hoping they would :/. If you ever happen to be on youtube just looking up random things I recommend searching for some Metric/ Emily Haines interviews, this woman has a way with wo rds, and a huge passion for music, songwriting, and style. If I were to ever look up to anyone in the world (besides my mom of course) it would be Emily. Check out this band, I gaurentee you will fall head over heels just as I did! Enjoy!

21 thoughts on “Get to Know: METRIC

      • Lol, thank you…I haven’t been very punctual about writing yet due to a job change but hopefully I’ll think of something semi interesting to say about music/movies/people/events at some point lol. I’d be totally ok if Emily Haines wanted to do an after show or something in a smaller venue that weekend. I would love to meet her and tell her she’s a badass!


      • we can keep each other posted if we hear any rumors! have you been to metric’s website lately? i LOVE it. obsessed, can’t wait for the new album…although i adore their earlier music too. fav song?


      • I love it all. I have to say for awhile now my favorite has been “Black Sheep” they opened with it at Lollapalooza 2010 and it was incredible! I love “Monster Hospital” “Combat Baby” and “Waves”! Fantasies is my favorite album of theirs although I think the new one will be even better!!


      • yep I got the weekend pass which are now all sold out. Unfortunatly no one I know got thier tickets in time so I am going to be going solo…should be interesting. Hopefully I can get some great pics for the blog!! 🙂


      • I saw that they were sold out!! Are there any other bands you are looking forward to as much as Metric? (or, almost as much? :)) I think I may just go up for the Friday lineup b/c I love the Shins…it’s a long drive from Bloomington, lol. But I’m super stoked!


      • I am SO excited for The Shins! I have always wanted to see them live! I am also super excited for M83, Passion Pit, Tame Impala (all on Friday). I am trying not to get too excited about the Friday people because if they interfere with my Metric camping out plan I have to skip them. As far as the other days I’m looking forward to Santigold, Temper Trap, Jack White, Little Dragon..and a few others.


      • Um I can’t really remember probably in a couple months. You should sign up for their emails..they don’t send to many but they’re super informative!! That’s how I stay in the loop with all things Lolla related!!


      • I can’t remember much about them but I do have the song “No Resolution” which now that I listen to it, i am sure I got it from The OC. And that song “sleep” sounds very familiar, I really like it. Have you heard of the band Stars? The singer reminds me a lot of Emily Haines (voice-wise). Especially in the songs “Elevator” and “Your Ex-Lover is Dead”.


      • YES! Love them. Major ipod airplay lol. I wanna say they either colaborated with Metric or Emily on that Going, Going, Gone song? Or they have worked together in the past? I could be wrong and I gotta get up early tomorrow or else I’d do a little fact checking. I definitely agree with your analysis 🙂 UGH, the O.C.! Love/miss that show soooo much! (we must be the same age group b/c the kids i coach have never heard of it lol. makes me feel old!)


      • thank you for finding that! i’m glad they have gotten to work together, it’s a good collabo. one day her wikipedia entry will say my name with the caption (best friend). lol. she has the best sunglasses. 🙂

        yesss, wayyy too easy to talk music all night! boo to being grown ups! :/ goodnight!


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