Inspiration/Wish Board

I was recently at a friend’s house and in her bedroom I noticed a giant cork board. On the cork board were all sorts of pictures and sayings from magazines. For example: “Just Do It!”, a picture of an island, or a dream car. I thought this was so cool that I have decided to make one of my own! I started to look up all sorts of cork boards and then thought it’d be wayyy better to make one myself! I haven’t started yet but I thought it’d be fun to brain storm and think of what sort of pictures and photos and other inspirational bits I would put on my board. It is my dream to speak French and visit Paris so my board would be decked out with the Eiffel Tower and other French monuments! I would add pictures of my family, my dream car (Mercedes G-Class), a giant Mac computer, a professional photography camera, my cat Lilly, my closest friends, any and all things music! I’m thinking my board might be all full before I even make it :p! If you were to make an inspiration/wishes boar what would YOU put on it?!?

5 thoughts on “Inspiration/Wish Board

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    • Being a DJ would be SO amazing! I also feel like it would be hard though because you would have to play what other people wanted to hear even if you don’t like it..I think that would be tough!! Do you have a record player?! I love vinyl!! and as far as a penguin goes….anything is possible! :p


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